About Me


I grew up in Daly City and moved to Santa Cruz to attend college at UCSC. I have been happily married since 2008 and currently live in Capitola with my wife and 2 awesome dogs. I work in Sunnyvale as a System Engineer for the Support Organization.

RC Flying

The RC Wall O’ Planes

RC Wall

I have been RC for almost 5 years now and have flown virtually every type of battery powered plane/heli out there.

FPV Flying


FPV has been the most fun aspect of RC’ing. I FPV with MultiRotor Helicopters. I take lots of videos and pictures from 100 ft up and take people on some great aerial views of the areas I fly


I love technology in all shapes and forms, from Computers to Smart Phones to HD TVs…  If its powered by a CPU I’m interested =)