April Float Fly 2014

Twice a year, I attend a Float Fly weekend with close friends at San Luis Reservoir. This year it was extra windy, but the Scarab Vampire flew like a champ! Everyone enjoyed the footage I captured over that weekend and the spectacular aerial footage I got of their Float Planes. Enjoy

Training Day has arrived!

I have been approached by several people over the past few months to help “train” them from multirotor flying. My issue is that I did not have a rig that I felt was safe and easy enough to use as a trainer.  That has all changed…

FlameWheel 450


This Flame Wheel F450 with Naza M- Lite will now be the “Trainer” setup for those who want to learn to fly Multirotors. I can easily “buddy-box” this setup and it will be sturdy enough to bash around with.

Back in the Game…

So after being so busy with work and Event, I am getting back to updating the Website…  I added lots of new videos to the FPV MultiRotor section so please check them out…

As for future events, we have the following coming up:

– March 29th > Sonoma Raceway Go Cart Event

– May 3rd > Hiller Air Museum RC Event > http://www.hiller.org/rc_airshow.shtml

Going Brushless

Brushless GOGO!!!

Brushless GOGO!!!

I have upgraded the Scarab Vampire with the new 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal. Below is the first video action tests…

New Videos!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates the past 2 months, but I have been very busy with events and life… Here are some of the videos I have done the past 2 months…  Enjoy – Erich

Surfer Competition – Pleasure Point

SCA WAR Event – San Luis Reservoir

Vampire Spotted @ the Beach!

The Scarab Vampire HEXii from Multiwiicopter.com is a great platform for taking some great aerial photos and videos. Capable of lifting larger cameras like the Sony Nex 3, the onboard roll gimbal can easily keep your shot perfectly level during those action shots!

Summertime at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Showing off the Vampire’s capabilities on a beautiful day. Lots of people watching, asking questions, and getting rides on the Vampire =)

Got some great shots of the beach, the volleyball courts and dropped in to greet riders of the Sky Glider. Even got a chance to say hi to the passengers of the Roaring Camp Railroad line passing next to the Boardwalk.

Warm Sun, Cool Surf, Hot Bods… What more could you ask for?

I Present to you… the VAMPIRE Hexii

I Present, my Vampire 😀


So after a night of putting it together, and a few days of PID tuning, I think I have the Vampire dialed in. I believe I have gotten the Vampire ready to do my FPV testing and flights. In the video below, I show the PIDs I am currently using, and the wind was about 5-10MPH. GPS hold worked very well with these values. Check it out!

Capitola in 1080p!

Had the opportunity to do come impressive FPV flying this weekend and film of Capitola’s iconic landmarks…

Pleasure Point – Surf Central

Capitola Village – Capitola Bridge, Pacific Railroad

Sea Cliff State Beach – SS Palo Alto (Concrete Ship)